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Santa Cruz Tallboy

Santa Cruz Tallboy

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Santa Cruz Tallboy C Spec S, 29” XC/Trail

With the Santa Cruz Tallboy, you get a mountain bike capable of almost anything. It’s fun and playful downhill, but stable and fast when it’s going upwards. With its aggressive angles, 29” wheels and 120/110 mm suspension it’s perfect for the terrain in the Malaga and Costa Del Sol area - and you get to ride a very exclusive mountain bike.

When you rent a mountain bike from us, you’ll also get a saddlebag with tubes, tire levers, a pump and an approved bike helmet. In addition, the bike is always mounted with one or two bottle cages depending on the bike. Please note, that we ask you to choose pedals. Cycling shoes are not included in the rental.

The daily rental period is from 9 AM to 9 PM. However, if you rent a bike for more than one day, the bike will be in your possession overnight as well.

Bike Size

Your height
Medium 163 – 174 cm
Large 175 – 182 cm
X-Large 183 – 191 cm


Santa Cruz Tallboy specifications:

  • Frame: Carbon
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Gear: Sram GX eagle 1 x12 
  • Brakes: Sram Level
  • Gearing: 10-50
  • Dropseat post: Yes
  • Suspension: Full suspension - Fox Suspension with Lockout
  • Stroke Travel: 120 mm front and rear
  • Type of bike: Cross Country / Trail

Bike delivery

There is free delivery within a radius of 10 kilometres of Calahonda. Beyond the 10 kilometres, there is a fee of 1 € per kilometre, which covers both the delivery and the pick-up after your tour. You'll have to type in your exact address during the booking process. It is not possible for you to come and collect the bike yourself.

Remember to bring some valid photo ID - drivers license, passport or similar at our delivery.

Bike deposit

Unfortunately, and due to former bad experiences, we have to charge you 200 € in deposit for your bike. The deposit can be paid by cash or credit card upon our delivery of the bike and will be refunded as soon as you have returned the bike, and we have made sure, that the bike isn't damaged.

Be careful with our mountain bike

We believe that only the best is good enough for our customers. As a result of that our mountain bikes are top-of-the-line, and we do only keep our rental bikes for one season, which practically means that you’ll get to ride a brand new bike. To keep the bike that way we urge you to be careful with it. We will hold you responsible for any damages caused to the bike, and you’ll have to pay for the repair of it.

Always remember to place the bike on the ground with the gear system pointing upwards - and never turn the bike upside down.


You have the option to buy an insurance for 8 € per day, which covers above mentioned repair expenses up to 300 €. If the damage exceeds this amount, your own insurance will have to cover the difference.