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3 Great GPS trails in Malaga for MTB

Do you want to go mountain biking in the tremendous area of Malaga by yourself? We've made it easy for you to do so - here you'll find 3 great MTB trails ready to download. 

However, we are also offering guided tours with highly skilled MTB guides through our sister-company, MTB Travels. Here we'll customize an MTB tour after your wishes - and your guide will take you to the absolute best trails. Interested? Have a look at guided MTB tours in Malaga with MTB Travels.

1. Benalmadena to Fuengirola - also named "Arroyo De La Miel Málaga"

Arroyo De La Miel Málaga is a great one-way trail. Here you'll bike through the beautiful highlands surrounding Mijas. 

  • Length: 33.73 kilometres
  • Altitude range: 853 metres
  • Total climb: 935 metres
  • Total descent: 1.639 metres

Download it for free right here: Free GPS track 'Arroyo De La Miel Málaga'

2. Circuit MTB trail in the beautiful area of Mijas, Malaga

A great circuit trail where you'll be mountain biking in the surroundings of the two mountains Cerro de Medialuna and Monte Calamorro. 

  • Length: 31.89 kilometres
  • Altitude range: 653 metres
  • Total climb: 1.224 metres
  • Total descent: 1.225 metres

Have a look and download it right here: Circuit MTB trail in the area of Mijas, Malaga

3. Ojén to Fuengirola - lot's of downhill

Bike from Ojén to Fuengirola on a great downhill track with. It's flow - it's fun!

  • Length: 30.80 kilometres
  • Altitude range: 482 metres
  • Total climb: 510 metres
  • Total descent: 823 metres

Download to your GPS right here: Downhill track - Ojén to Fuengirola

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